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In Canada there are hundreds of plants that make their home in Wetlands. Many plants have adapted to the unique challenges of surviving in the semi-aquatic habitat. In Newfoundland and Labrador, many interesting plants live in wetlands including our provincial flower, the Pitcher Plant. Wetland plants can help limit the effects of erosion, absorb and release water during times of flooding and drought, create nurseries for fish and invertebrates, and they also uptake excess chemicals and trap sediments. 

When restoring or planting around wetlands it is important not to introduce potential invasive plant species, and to plant the correct species to achieve the greatest success rate. 

Dragons Mouth_Whitbourne Bog July 2018.J

Dragon's Mouth Orchid




Common Burreed 


Labrador Tea


Sphagnum Moss

Wetland Plant Resources

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Wetland and Boreal Plants

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