Action: Promote Nature Education

Public education can help foster a greater sense of habitat stewardship among town residents. Even interpretive signs can contribute to an increased understanding and appreciation of local wildlife.  There are several well developed education programs that span every season and age group. If you are interested in adding nature education to your next community event email for more information!

Resource: Interpretive Guides

Hiking is a popular activity in many of our stewardship communities, and no wonder! Our member municipalities have built some of the finest trail systems in the province. Next time you go on a hike, take along one of our guides and learn more about the plants and animals around you. It's easy - just choose a guide, download the PDF, print, and go! 


SAM NL Boreal Forest Factsheet

A double sided fact sheet about the
boreal forest of NL














NL Boreal Forest Wildlife Guide
A species list of some of the common
wildlifein the boreal forest of NL

SAM NL Boreal Forest Factsheet_2019.png

SAM NL Wetlands Factsheet

A double sided fact sheet about the
Wetlands of NL












NL Wetland Wildlife Guide

A species list of some of the common wildlife in the Wetlands of NL

2020 SAMs Guide to wetlands image.png

SAM NL Coastal Habitat Factsheet

A double sided fact sheet about the
Coastal Habitat of NL












SAM Guide to Coastal Habitat 2020.png

Resource: SAM Educational Activities

Interested in adding some stewardship activities to your next community event, and not sure where to start? Try out one of our SAM Educational Activities. They are an easy way to get your community thinking about stewardship and conservation.

Resources from other organizations:

We have complied some of the best educational resources on wetlands, conservation and stewardship! Use these resources at your next community event! 


Project Wild

Ducks Unlimited Canada Wetland Field Trips (Project Webfoot)

Common Newfoundland Lichens - Memorial University, Landscape Ecology Lab

Curriculum Supplement Guides & Lesson Ideas

Atlantic Salmon Federation's Fish Friends: A Curriculum Supplement for Grades 4-6 (PDF)

BioKit Guide for Educators (PDF)

Breaking Ground - Biodiversity in the School Yard (MUN BOT Garden) (PDF)

Nature BioKit (PDF)

Stewardship Education Best Practices Guide (PDF)

Evergreen Watershed Stewardship Guide (PDF)

PBS Parents: Science Education Links and Resources

Boreal Science: Butterfly Larvae and Habitat Kit

Create your own Wetland Bird - WWT

Species ID Cards

DUC Salt Marsh Invertebrate ID Cards

DUC Fresh Water Marsh Invertebrate ID 

CWS Shorebird ID Cards 

Fact Sheets

DUC Wetland Fact Sheet: General (PDF)

DUC Wetland Fact Sheet: Bogs (PDF)

DUC Wetland Fact Sheet: Fens (PDF)
DUC Wetland Fact Sheet: Swamps (PDF)

DUC Wetland Fact Sheet: Open Water (PDF)

DUC Wetland Fact Sheet: Marshes (PDF)

Limestone Barrens Colouring Book (PDF)

Yellow Banded Bumble Bee Coloring Sheet - Wildlife Preservation Canada
Yellow Banded Bumble Bee Fact Sheet - Wildlife Preservation Canada

Presentations and Event guides

Introduction to Bird Watching Presentation (PDF)

Funding Opportunities

Ducks Unlimited Wetland Heroes (PDF)

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