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SAM Conservation Fund

In 2013 SAM members first established an externally managed, charitable endowment fund and continue to seek to build the balance of that fund over time. The vision and agreed long-term intent of this fund is that it will become a provincial source of habitat stewardship and conservation funding. Annual equity realized from the fund could be used to stabilize SAM’s operations, increase its public profile and contribute, in a way consistent with the Vision Statement of


2022 Individual Community Champion - Linda Bailet

Linda taught science and biology from 1987 until her retirement in 2013 in Carmanville. To support this life calling, Linda obtained her Bachelors degrees in Science and education from Memorial University and her Masters of Education from Memorial. Linda has been involved with many other volunteer activities over the years, both at local and provincial levels, and is an avid gardener, birdwatcher, and outdoors person.

In 1995 until 2020, Linda was involved with the Carmanville Habitat Committee Inc, holding various formal roles over the years including including as Secretary and Chairperson. The Carmanville Habitat Committee operates and manages the Carmanville Wetland Interpretation Centre and its extensive Nature Trails. The Town of Carmanville has been a long time member of SAM and the wetlands associated with the Interpretation Center and Trails form an important part of its Municipal Habitat Conservation Agreement.

Linda, as a civic minded person, was elected to two terms on council in Carmanville from 2009-2017. It was during this time that Linda attended her first SAM meeting in 2011. Linda was elected as SAM Vice-President in 2012, a role she held until 2015 and was subsequently elected as SAM President until 2017. During her time as President, SAM grew immensely in membership and in organizational capacity to implement its mandate through the hiring of staff.

SAM, to the conservation activities of its members and the wider Newfoundland and Labrador conservation community. In particular, it is envisioned that such a fund could benefit municipalities, charitable partner entities and the wider conservation community involved in likeminded environmentally driven projects. In the shorter-term, portions of equity from the fund are being used to support the SAM Environmental Stewardship Awards, in particular the SAM Scholarship.

2023 Scholarship winner Emmerson Wilson.jpeg

2023 Student Scholarship - Emmerson Wilson


Emmerson is a Master of Science student at Memorial University of Newfoundland with the Ecosystem Ecology Lab. Her studies focuses on estimating the amount of carbon stored in the boreal forest of Newfoundland’s National Parks. This research will allow natural resource managers to determine how managing disturbances (like insects, fire, and moose) can affect carbon storage. (Pictured L-R: SAM Director Julie Pomeroy Sparrow, Executive Director Zachary Burrows, and 2023 Scholarship Winner Emmerson Wilson.

SAM Environmental Steward Awards

The SAM Environmental Stewardship Award is used to recognize an individual, group, organization or business who has gone above and beyond in their community to support wildlife habitat stewardship, whose responsible management of wildlife habitat and the environment within Newfoundland and Labrador exceeds expectations.

The SAM Environmental Stewardship Award will be awarded based on three levels (outlined below). Winners of this Award do not have to be from a SAM Member Community.

Award Levels:

Innovative Organizations - Business or Non-Profit/Community Group

  • This award recognizes a local Business’, Non-Profit’s, or Community Group’s significant innovation or achievement in environmental stewardship. The Innovation Award recognizes a significant initiative or achievement of a Business or Non-Profit/Community Organization in Newfoundland and Labrador who is engaging in green activities and milestones. This could include business projects with a positive environmental impact, or contribution(s) to the community from an environmental or sustainable perspective.

Community Champion

  • This award recognizes an individual’s significant initiative or achievement in environmental stewardship in Newfoundland and Labrador. This individual’s actions will have had a positive environmental impact, proving to be a key force in conserving the environment. This Champion Award recognizes an individual’s contributions to environmental sustainability, bringing us one step closer to a greener future.


The Innovative Organizations and Community Champion Award nominations will be considered prior to each of SAM's bi-annual meetings (Spring AGM and Fall Meeting) - in order to be considered, please have nominations in prior to the next meeting.

SAM Student Scholarship

  • First awarded in 2015, this scholarship is awarded to a student either from or studying in Newfoundland and Labrador whose interests, activities and post-secondary goals are focused on the conservation of habitat in this province.

  • Deadline to apply is May 1st of each year.

  • Award is a $1000 scholarship.


To be eligible for the SAM Student Scholarship:

  1. Applicant must be a resident of or must be studying in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador;

  2. Is (or will be) enrolled in a post-secondary program in the upcoming academic year;

  3. Have demonstrated an active commitment to conservation in Newfoundland and Labrador.

To apply: Fill out the attached application form and email it and any supporting documents to

SAM reserves the right to not to grant the Award if there are no eligible nominees. For more information, please contact the Stewardship Association of Municipalities.

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