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Coastal Stewardship

St. Anthony, with a population of approximately 2,500 people, is located on the upper tip of the Great Northern Peninsula. The community has a rich history and has its roots as being a summer village for French fishermen in the 1500s. The town was not permanently settled until the early 1800s. In part due to the provincial resettlement program, St. Anthony's population increased drastically in the mid-1900s and in 1945 St. Anthony was formally incorporated.

Hare Bay Coastal Stewardship 

The Hare Bay Coastal Stewardship Zone complements the coastal habitat surrounding the existing Hare Bay Ecological Reserve. Many species of waterfowl and sea ducks, in particular the common eider, use the rocky coasts, shoals, and islands of Hare Bay for breeding, nesting, moulting, staging and overwintering. The Hare Bay Reserve also protects many unique geological and ecological features such as rich beds of Early and Middle Ordovician-age fossil gastropods. Hare Bay is visited regularly by people from several communities on the coast for a variety of activities such as berry-picking, fishing, small game and waterfowl hunting, boating, sightseeing and snowmobiling. In partnership with the Eastern Habitat Joint Venture, the Town of St. Anthony, through the signing of a coastal stewardship agreement has agreed to support the promotion and implementation of best stewardship practices for the coastal area of Hare Bay.

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