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Community gardens are community food assets that can help us to build local food sustainability.  They are also a great way to get your residents involved in outdoor activities, healthy eating, and support food accessibility to rural communities. 

CWT community garden.JPG
Community Garden located in Centerville-Wareham-Trinity

The MUN Botanical Garden is an amazing resource for communities interested in growing gardens here in our province. Visit their website and get inspired to start growing!


Funding For Community Gardens

Food First Logo.png

Food First NL is a great resource for information about community gardens and food security in this province.

Check out this "Best Practices" for Community Gardens PDF created by Food First NL.

CWT Community Garden IBEC Image.jpg

Pesticide Free Gardening

Many SAM communities, with community garden programs, have started to support their native pollinators by creating pesticide free gardens. Check out some of these free resources to help your community get started on their pesticide free gardening plan.

Action: Grow a Community Garden

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