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Area Protected: Over 1,130 acres

The Town of New-Wes-Valley was incorporated in 1992, when the towns of Newtown, Templeman, Pound Cove, Wesleyville, Brookfield, Badgers Quay, Pool's Island and Valleyfield were amalgamated. It is located at the northern end of Bonavista Bay, and includes the Cape Freels area to the north.

Conservation Area

A significant quantity of wetland, upland, and coastal habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife species exists within the Town boundary. Two areas were identified as Conservation Areas: Business Pond and Queen's Meade (Newtown). Business Pond includes Business Pond itself, and the adjacent riparian habitat. The terrestrial habitat is typical of the transition between the Eastern Hyper-Oceanic Barrens and the North Shore Forest, and is dominated by conifers. Newtown Conservation Areas is a popular birding spot, with 38 species recorded in 2015-2016, including the provincially endangered Red Knot. Both of these areas are, and are becoming, focal points for outdoor recreation for the local community and the region.

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