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Action: Learn About Conservation Enforcement as it Impacts Your Municipal Habitat Stewardship Agreement

In response to commonly expressed community concerns, SAM has collected some FAQs related to enforcement of fish, wildlife, and habitat conservation. These FAQs are intended to provide clarification, but are not intended to be exhaustive or provide legal advice;  please call 1-877-820-0999 to speak with an officer if you have any questions. Further, please note that Indigenous hunters may have different regulations.

Law enforcement officers encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the outdoors and participate in recreational activities such as hunting and fishing. Regulations are in place to ensure that these activities are done safely and with respect to other people and wildlife, in order to protect this province's resources for generations to come.
To Report Suspected Illegal Activity Confidentially:

24/7 Provincial Report Line (Anonymous): 1-877-820-0999

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