SAM Steward Award

For many years, SAM and our partner organizations have been involved in invaluable conservation projects in every corner of our beautiful province. With the implementation of the Conservation Fund, SAM can continue contributing to the conservation of Newfoundland and Labrador’s environment for future generations. SAM has established an endowment fund with the long-term vision for this fund is to grant annual realized equity to eligible applicants who are seeking to undertake wildlife habitat restoration, enhancement and stewardship projects in this province.


SAM was incorporated in 1999, and since then almost 50,000 acres of wetland and upland habitat has been conserved and enhanced. This would not of been possible without the support of individual stewards who recognize the value of wildlife habitat within their communities boundaries.

This program is used to acknowledge an individual who has gone above and beyond to support community habitat stewardship and conservation. SAM hopes this acknowledgement will go on to inspire residents in all SAM member communities across Newfoundland and Labrador.

Selection Process

The SAM Steward of the Year will be selected by the SAM Executive Officers. The awardee cannot be a member of the current SAM Executive Officers. The SAM Steward should have demonstrated significant community involvement in dedicating their, time energy and passion to SAM, their community’s habitat stewardship program, or community environmental stewardship in general. 


The award will be presented, when there is interest/nominations, no more than once per year. When possible the SAM Executive will make a one time donation in the stewards name to a local charity/non-profit of the stewards choice.

Make your Nomination

The SAM representatives and meeting host communities may wish to give specific thought to local individuals they would like to recommend for the award. Nominations are made by SAM member municipalities and must be made 2 months prior to the SAM meeting in which the award will be presented.

For your convenience you can fill out and email the nomination form linked below, or contact us at

SAM Steward will be acknowledged in several ways:

  1. Website: A story about their achievements in habitat stewardship will be posted to the Learn about our past recipients page on the website;

  2. Social Media: SAM’s Steward will be recognized on SAM's Facebook page;

  3. Newsletter: A piece in the SAM Newsletter and Blogger will be written after the SAM Steward is announced;

  4. Donation: When possible SAM Inc will approve via its budget a donation in the amount of $100 to be made to a relevant charity of the awardees’ choice.

SAM reserves the right to not grant any funds should no qualified nominations come forward. For more information, please contact the Stewardship Association of Municipalities.