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Emmerson Wilson

2023 Student Scholarship

2023 Scholarship winner Emmerson Wilson.jpeg

Emmerson is a Master of Science student at Memorial University of Newfoundland with the Ecosystem Ecology Lab. Her studies focuses on estimating the amount of carbon stored in the boreal forest of Newfoundland’s National Parks. This research will allow natural resource managers to determine how managing disturbances (like insects, fire, and moose) can affect carbon storage.


To do this, Emmerson and her field technician, Lilly, spent the summer measuring plants, soils, and more at sites across Gros Morne and Terra Nova National Parks. Emmerson will use these measurements to calculate the amount of carbon stored in the areas they sampled. Then, she will use statistical models to predict the amount of carbon stored across the two national parks. By estimating carbon throughout the province’s national parks they can better understand how the way we manage our forests impacts the capacity of these forests to store carbon and help combat climate change. For example, can we change how we manage defoliating insects like spruce budworm or large animals like moose to improve forest carbon storage? Hopefully, this research can inform how we interact with the boreal forest of Newfoundland’s National Parks in the future, to store more carbon. Good luck on your studies Emmerson!


(Pictured L-R: SAM Director Julie Pomeroy Sparrow, Executive Director Zachary Burrows, and 2023 Scholarship Winner Emmerson Wilson.)

Cerren Richards

2022 Student Scholarship


Cerren, winner of the 2022 SAM Scholarship, is currently pursuing her PhD at Memorial University of Newfoundland in collaboration with Environment and Climate Change Canada. The overarching aim of her research is to determine how environmental change constrains seabird energetics across multiple levels of biological organization. Along with her PhD work, Cerren also designs infographics that highlight seabird diversity, threats and conservation with the hopes to promote conversation and inspire individuals to spearhead changes in their perceptions and behaviours. Following her PHD, Cerren plans to continue her passion for marine conservation through pursuing a career path dedicated to applied wildlife conservation and research in NL.


Pictured L-R: City of St. John's Mayor Danny Breen, Cerren Richards (2022 SAM Scholarship Winner)

Jackie Bauman

2021 Student Scholarship

Jackie Bauman.jpg

Jackie Bauman, winner of the 2021 SAM Scholarship, is currently a student at Grenfell Campus - Memorial University in their Masters of Environmental Policy program focusing on utilizing marine spatial planning and community engagement as a conservation tool. She previously completed her Bachelor's degree in Environmental Governance from the University of Guelph. Jackie also works with the Atlantic Healthy Oceans Initiative in Norris Point, NL seeking to reduce plastic and other pollution on our province's coasts.


Pictured, L-R: Jonathan Sharpe (Wildlife Division), Cynthia Downey (SAM Treasurer), Jackie Bauman (2021 Scholarship Winner), Rhanda James (City of Corner Brook), Elizabeth Belanzaran (SAM Conservation Biologist)

Arielle Przybysz

2020 Student Scholarship

Arielle Przybysz

Arielle is a 7th year student at Memorial University studying a dual degree Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Ecology and Conservation Biology, and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Geography. She aspires to pursue a career as a tenure-track assistant professor or a research scientist at Fisheries and Oceans Canada, with a special focus on quantitative fisheries science and marine spatial habitat mapping. Arielle has and continues to demonstrate a strong sense of passion and perseverance in environmental conservation that manifests itself through a wide range of experiences and accomplishments. We look forward to seeing what she will do next!


Pictured, L-R: SAM officer Julie Pomeroy (left) presents the 2020 SAM Scholarship award to winner Arielle Przybysz (right) in beautiful Portugal Cove St. Philip's.

Allison Jeon

2019 Student Scholarship

2019 08 14 SAM Scholarship presentation_Allison Jeon.jpg

Allison is a grade 12 student at Holy Heart of Mary (HHM) in St. John's. During her high school education Allison took the initiative to create and lead the HHM Environment Club. The club is made up a group of passionate students who recognize the earth does not belong to us - we belong to the earth. The students worked together to jump-start green initiatives in the school and community, including starting a compost program. The compost created is then donated to gardens kept by Key Assets, an at risk youth program. Allison also participated in the "Fridays for Future" movement, an international movement that empower youth to speak out at rallies on the impact of climate change. Allison also volunteers in the community as a lifeguard, preparing breakfast at The Gathering Place, and as a dance teacher. Allison has been accepted to several universities in which she hopes to pursue engineering. She is specifically interested in green engineering and hopes to use her passion for the environment in her future career. 

Pictured, L-R: Ducks Unlimited Canada NL Conservation Program Coordinator Danielle Fequet; SAM and DUC Outreach Coordinator Diane Pelley; Alison Jeon; SAM Executive Member Cynthia Downey; and SAM Conservation Biologist Laura King.

Alexandra Hayward

2018 Student Scholarship

Scholarship 2018 event_DM Sheilagh O'leary, Alex Hayward, Laura King, Cynthia Downey, M Da

Alexandra Hayward is a 4th year student at MUN majoring in biology (ecology and conservation) and minoring in geography. She is passionate about working towards a more just future for all creatures— human and nonhuman— and hopes to pursue environmental law. She lends a hand in various ways, from volunteering at a fundraiser for Kelligrews Ecological Enhancement Program to a bird survey with the Nature Conservancy of Canada in Torbay. She is a local ambassador for the Blue Dot, a grassroots environmental rights movement initiated by David Suzuki. She helped push the City of Mount Pearl to make a declaration for the right to a healthy environment, and has met with her Member of Parliament to discuss bringing environmental rights to the federal level. Currently, she is organizing a local event for a Blue Dot National Day of Action. Alex also volunteers for the Green Party of Canada (GPC), has initiated a new GPC campus club, and is the NL Representative on the Young Greens of Canada Council. She has worked for Conservation Corps NL, Northeast Avalon ACAP, and as a research assistant at MUN. In her limited spare time, she enjoys hiking and painting. ​


Pictured, L-R: City of St. John's Deputy Mayor Sheilagh O'Leary;  2019 Scholarship recipient, Alex Hayward; SAM Conservation Biologist, Laura King; SAM Executive member, Cynthia Downey; and City of St. John's Mayor Danny Breen.

Ashley Davies-Marsh

2017 Student Scholarship

SAM Scholarship Recipient 2017 Ashely Davies Marsh.jpg

Ashley is a 3rd year student in the Marine Environmental Technology program at the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland. She is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, camping, kayaking and learning about wild edibles. Ashley is originally from British Columbia and made her way up to Newfoundland in 2012 after finishing a 6 month Katimavik program in Nova Scotia. Her passion for the environment is evident through her volunteerism with David Suzuki’s Blue Dot Tour, the East Coast Trail Association, World Oceans Day events and the Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland. This summer Ashley had the opportunity to travel to the Arctic with the Students on Ice Foundation to learn about Inuit culture and the impacts of climate change thanks to a scholarship she received from the Marine Institute. Ashley is dedicated to living life to the fullest and committed to stepping outside of her comfort zone. Furthermore she has an adventurous spirit and a positive attitude that allows her to flourish in all of her endeavors. Add News Story here



Pictured, L-R: SAM President Linda Bailet; Ashley Davies-Marsh 2017 SAM Scholarship Recipient; Mayor of Portugal Cove-St. Philip's Moses Tucker 

Willem Peters

2016 Student Scholarship

willem peters.webp

Willem is currently attending the Resource and Environmental Management masters program at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC. He enjoys being physically active, especially outdoors, and this has contributed to his passion for the environment and conservation. Some outdoor activities Willem loves to do include hiking, rowing, swimming, and biking. Willem has worked with the Conservation Corps of Newfoundland and Labrador on two separate occasions and enjoyed working in the environmental field so much he hopes to start a career in it after the completion of his masters. When Willem is not at school working he can be found rowing with the Simon Fraser rowing team or hiking one of the many mountains in the Vancouver area.​


Pictured, L-R: Willem Peters; SAM President Linda Bailet; Ralph Tapper, Mayor of Torbay.

Abigail Hann

2015 Student Scholarship

abigail hann.webp

Abigail is currently finishing an honors bachelor of Science degree in biology with a concentration on ecology and conservation. For the past two years she has worked as a research assistant studying sea birds for Memorial University fulfilling a life long dream to study animals. Her passion for the environment has led her to pursue conservation as a career and in other aspects of her life. Abigail is also interested in food security and started a community garden in her hometown of Port Blandford. When she is not studying she can often be found outside with her dog hiking, skiing,  or kayaking while she also enjoys painting scenes from nature and trying new recipes with the vegetables from her garden.


Pictured, L-R: Peter Lush, Mayor of Gambo, the sponsoring SAM member municipality; Abigail Hann; Linda Bailet, SAM President; Fred Jeans, Councillor of Gambo; Lorne Greene, Gambo Town Manager.

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