Labrador City

SAM Member Since: March 2005 
Acres Protected: 2,997

Labrador City has a population of approximately 7,500 and is located 17 km east of the Quebec-Labrador border, immediately adjacent to the town of Wabush. The Town of Labrador City contains numerous wetlands throughout the town's municipal planning area, including a number within the currently developed town footprint.

Conservation Area

Conservation areas are wetland or upland areas of significance to waterfowl and generally provide habitat for nesting, brood rearing and/or staging. In the case of Labrador City, the Conservation Areas also represent the first and last seasonally ice-free water sites of the migratory season, thereby recognizing the importance of Labrador west as a link in the inland migratory flyway. There are nine Conservation Areas within the Municipal Planning Boundaries of Labrador City. The areas together support a diversity of avian species and encompass a substantial land area which could incorporate education and interpretation projects, particularly in the areas close to the Town.

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