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SAM 2022 Fall Meeting hosted by the Town of New-Wes-Valley

Registration for the SAM 2022 Fall Meeting is now closed.
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SAM 2022 Fall Meeting hosted by the Town of New-Wes-Valley

Time & Location

Oct 14, 2022, 5:00 p.m. NDT – Oct 15, 2022, 9:00 p.m. NDT

The REACH, New-Wes-Valley, 12 Memorial Dr, New-Wes-Valley, NL A0G 4R0, Canada

About the Event

Our bi-annual business meetings are opportunities for representatives from our member municipalities, invited guests and our partner organizations to share conservation and stewardship success stories and challenges. The meetings are also a chance to network and partner with other SAM communities on your next Stewardship project! Attendance is highly encouraged, and we offer a travel incentive to cover some of the associated costs.

We will work with our hosts to follow any necessary COVID-19 protocols.

Accommodations: Guests are responsible to book their own accommodations and any related travel for this event - please click the link below for a full list of available accommodations (all were available at the time this list was created but space cannot be guaranteed). When booking, please indicate that you are with the "Stewardship Association of Municipalities (SAM)" as some have offered a special rate.

List of Available Accommodations

Registered participants will receive the 2022 Fall Meeting Agenda and supporting materials via email prior to the Meeting.

Tentative SAM 2022 Fall Meeting Weekend Itinerary (finalized itinerary will be sent with the supporting materials):

Friday, October 14th:

2pm - SAM Officers Meeting at Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation (IBEC) - 1 Country Road, Indian Bay (Executive Officers only)

5pm - Interpretive Walking Tour with SAM Staff through Newtown and Queens Meade (This is an approximately 6KM walk. All attendees and guests welcome. Participants can meet at the Main Lobby of the Barbour Living Heritage Village (BLHV) - please note this is an outdoor event, we ask all to dress for the weather/activity)

7pm - Registration and Meet and Greet with refreshments at The REACH Museum and Art Gallery - 12 Memorial Dr, New-Wes-Valley (all attendees welcome, transportation to and from is attendees' responsibility (with the exception of those taking the bus back))

Saturday October 15th:

9am - SAM Fall Business Meeting (The REACH Museum and Art Gallery - 12 Memorial Dr, New-Wes-Valley; SAM representatives, partner organizations and Officers only)

4pm - Group Outing to Cape Freels with SAM Staff and IBEC (All attendees and guests welcome. There is a bus for those that require transportation (16 seater). Please note this is an outdoor event, we ask all to dress for the weather/activity)

7pm - SAM Networking Dinner (Location to be announced closer to the date due to space limitations. All attendees and guests welcome)

Sunday – October 16th:

9:30AM – Breakfast provided at the Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation - 1 Country Road, Indian Bay (All attendees and guests welcome)

SAM Meeting Background:

You may not yet have become aware of THE STEWARDSHIP ASSOCIATION OF MUNICIPALITIES INC, otherwise affectionately known as “SAM”. SAM is an incorporated non-profit organization (1994) comprised of NL municipalities interested in wildlife habitat conservation.

SAM is part of the Eastern Habitat Joint Venture (EHJV) whose mission is to conserve landscapes in Eastern Canada to sustain bird populations while providing ecological, social and economic benefits to society.

Your town became involved with SAM upon the signing of a Municipal Habitat Stewardship Agreement with the province. This agreement, as a tangible public step taken by your council, serves to proactively conserve habitat for wildlife, often wetlands for waterfowl and other birds, found within your municipal planning boundaries. Since taking that initial step many towns have become involved in restoring and enhancing wildlife habitat while educating and engaging residents in sustainable land use actions. Since 1989, 44 municipalities in NL have signed such agreements and incorporated them into their municipal planning documents and development regulations.

What happens at the meetings?

A finalized weekend itinerary and Saturday meeting agenda is emailed to all registered attendees before the meeting. Often after the Saturday meeting there is an outdoor event hosted by the community. These events sometimes take place on nature trails, beaches, and in conservation areas. Please come prepared with outdoor footwear and gear (rain gear recommended). Binoculars and cameras are encouraged!

Who can attend a SAM meeting?

Invitations are emailed to SAM communities with an online registration form. Town councils appoint a representative to attend the meetings and they can be either:

A) A member of council

B) A member of staff or

C) A member of a council committee or interested town resident.

What is expected of attendees?

These meetings represent an opportunity for your community to showcase its involvement and implementation of your habitat stewardship agreement. It is also a chance to become inspired by work being done in other municipalities and bring those ideas back to your community. There are two important expectations of attendees:

A) First, we ask that representatives prepare a brief 3-5 minute verbal or written report outlining any conservation and stewardship activities that have taken place in your town since the last meeting. We encourage bringing materials such as a slideshow or photographs to showcase the work that your community has been doing.

B) Secondly, we request that following the meeting, each attendee provide a report on the meeting outcomes to their respective councils and/or committees.

What if I am unable to attend the meeting?

You are welcome to send a brief written report (1 page or less), outlining the activities which have occurred recently in the ongoing implementation of your municipal habitat stewardship agreement or in terms of your town’s efforts to increase environmental sustainability. Your report will be tabled at the meeting.

Does SAM pay for accommodations?

Representatives are responsible for arranging their own transportation and booking their own accommodations at the designated lodgings. However, SAM's travel incentive allows SAM to reimburse attendees following the business meeting for one night of accommodation for each represented community at the accommodations that have been arranged by the host. If a representative wishes to share a room with a representative from another town, two nights of accommodations can be covered. All other expenses incurred at the accommodations (ie second night stay, room service, etc.) are your own responsibility.

Where do I stay during the meeting?

A list of accommodations in the area have been provided by the host municipality for SAM meeting attendees. When making a reservation please let the hotel know that you are with the “Stewardship Association of Municipalities”.  Please note, SAM will be reimbursing municipalities for one night's accommodations based on the rate per night paid - please provide us with a copy of your receipt during or following the meeting for reimbursement.

Are meals provided at the meeting? What about allergies and dietary restrictions?

Breakfast may or may not be provided by your accommodations - please take this into account as breakfast will not be provided at the meeting. Friday evening's refreshments are provided during the meet and greet event (finger foods and beverages). Registered attendees may bring a guest to the meet and greet as well. On Saturday lunch and snack/coffee breaks are provided during the meeting, these are for those attending the SAM Meeting (Officers, representatives and partner organizations). For the evening meal, registered attendees (and any identified plus ones), are invited to the Networking Ddinner. Please let us know on the online registration form about any food allergies or dietary restrictions, as well as if you are bringing a guest to the Friday meeting and greet or the Saturday networking dinner. Breakfast is being provided by IBEC on the Sunday morning at their location in Indian Bay.

Local attractions:

Barbour Living Heritage Village

Queen's Meade Wetlands


Business Pond Walking Trail

Cape Island Hiking Trail

Ol' Road Trail System

Norton's Cove Studio

Pool's Island Lookout

Homestead Adventures

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