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SAM Conservation Fund

For many years, SAM Inc. and our partner organizations have been involved in invaluable conservation projects in every corner of our beautiful province. With the implementation of the Conservation Fund, SAM can continue contributing to the conservation of Newfoundland and Labrador’s environment for future generations.


SAM Inc. has established a charitable endowment fund with TD Waterhouse's Private Giving Foundation. SAM's long-term vision for this fund is to grant annual realized equity to eligible applicants who are seeking to undertake wildlife habitat restoration, enhancement and stewardship projects in this province. SAM has established a fundraising committee with the goal of building the fund to realize its long-term vision.



Recognizing our Community Stewards


Since 1993 SAM has had many individuals that have given their time, passion, and energy to support conservation and stewardship in our province. SAM would like to recognize these heroes of stewardship with our community steward recognition programs, the SAM Scholarship and the SAM Steward Award. The funds to support our community steward recognition programs come from the SAM Conservation Fund. Click the buttons below to find out more about these programs.